Thermal Imaging


As part of our manufacturing process for polished and coated finished optics we are able to offer generated blanks with tight tolerances for thermal imaging applications. The majority of our lenses, for all applications, are made from ZnSe and ZnS. They are manufactured to the highest industry standards, backed up by the most modern metrology available.  Diameters in the range of 15mm to 150mm are within our capabilities.

ZnSe Generated Blanks

ZnSe is the preferred material for a broad range of optics due to its visible transmission and its low absorption at infrared wavelengths.  In high-power applications, it’s essential to carefully control the internal defect structure and the bulk absorption, as well as employing minimum-damage polishing and the highest quality coatings.  ULO Optics verify material absorption using CO2 laser calorimetry in atmospheric environments on each and every component, and can provide testing certification upon request.

Zinc Sulfide Generated Blanks

Our Zinc Sulphide is grown by chemical vapor deposition and offers outstanding hardness and fracture strength. Due to its superior durability, Zinc Sulphide is often used in harsh environments and military applications, its resistance to high-speed dust abrasion and rain erosion make it especially suited to external IR windows on aircraft.

MultiSpectral Zinc Sulfide

Multispectral Zinc Sulfide is treated by a hot isostatic press in order to eliminate defects within its crystalline lattice.  Multispectral Zinc Sulfide performs well across a broad range of wavelengths, offering high transmission and minimal scatter from 0.4 to 12 microns.  ULO Optics offer multispectral Zinc Sulfide to exacting specifications to meet customer requirements.