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40 Years Of Manufacturing Excellence, Delivering Unrivaled Quality

ULO Optics has established itself as a leading manufacturer of infrared optics on a global scale. We have been at the forefront since 1982, specializing in the design, production, and distribution of CO2 laser optics and mid-IR optics for thermal imaging and sensing applications. For over four decades, ULO Optics has exemplified manufacturing excellence, consistently delivering unparalleled quality.

Our customers span a diverse spectrum, catering to the unique needs of end-users with bespoke requirements, as well as serving as trusted partners to large-scale laser manufacturers and OEMs.

At ULO Optics, our extensive product lineup includes an array of laser components such as CO2 lenses, CO2 mirrors, Beam Expanders, CO2 cavity optics, cylindrical lenses, and f-Theta scanner optics. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we employ the latest advancements in high-performance coatings, including our signature UltraLO AR/AR coating designed specifically for high-power lasers.

What We Do

Industry leading optics.
Dependable design.

Laser Optics

As the leading European manufacturer of infrared optics, ULO supplies a full range of optics for CO2 laser manufacturers and CO2 laser users.

Beam Delivery

We manufacture a wide range of Beam Delivery systems for industrial applications. We are leading the drive to make sophisticated beam delivery equipment more affordable without compromising quality.

Thermal Imaging

As part of our manufacturing process for polished and coated finished optics, we are able to offer generated blanks with tight tolerances for thermal imaging applications.

Certified to ISO 9001:2015

ULO Optics is an ISO certified company and quality is at the heart of everything we do.  With a host of industrial affiliations, you can rely on ULO to deliver.

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Our Generated Blanks offer superior resistance to high-speed dust abrasion and rain erosion, making them especially suited to external IR window applications. 

ULO Optics is an ISO certified company and quality is at the heart of everything we do. With a host of industrial affiliations you can rely on ULO to deliver.

By using lasers in innovative ways,  manufacturers have been able to automate the chemical-reliant, labour-intensive process of hand-finishing. 


Our beam delivery components have long been employed by the medical industry, most notably in Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing (Frax 1550) and dental laser applications. 

Need an Optical Solution? We Are The Experts.

Working alongside Centro Ricerche FIAT, we developed the optics for the Modulase processing head used for cutting, cladding and welding applications in the automotive industry read more..

Our HSE test slide was developed to check microscope performance prior to asbestos fibre counting. It is required in reference methods attached to the European Directive on Worker Protection Against Asbestos. 

The LaserSnake combines ULO’s optics with TWI’s high power laser cutting technology on a robotic snake arm, giving a decommissioning tool that works in high-hazard confined neuclear environments. 

•1000s of satisfied customers
•Unrivalled quality. Certified to ISO 9001:2015
•Decades of technical experience
•Knowledgeable and experienced team
• Unparalleled product performance

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