Aerospace & Defence

Aerospace & Defence

Our Aerospace and Defence services facilitate a broad range of technologies across Civil and Military aviation, Security and Space.

Optical Materials such as Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulfide and Germanium are routinely used in Aerospace and Defence applications. Specialist optical glass substrates from Schott and Ohara can also be specified and ULO Optics provide optical materials in different formats to support our customers’ needs.

With expertise and capabilities in Single Point Diamond Turning and thin film coatings, ULO Optics contribute to systems for night vision, surveillance, target acquisition, homing, tracking, HUD (Heads Up Display), interferometry, optical metrology and infrared spectroscopy.

With design and manufacturing experience and expertise, ULO Optics can provide a flexible and bespoke service to our customers in the aerospace and defence industries.

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