manual attenuator

Manual Attenuator C2-MA


ULO Optics’ Compact 2 manual attenuator allows the
user to externally vary the power delivered from the laser.
Many lasers only vary their output power by pulsing full
power on and off, and this does not always provide fine
levels of control needed in some materials. This device
will give infinitely variable control of the transmitted beam
from approximately 6% to 100%. An optional manual
attenuator with ‘enhanced’ coated Brewster plates
provide a transmittance to as low as 0.04% up to 98%.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: See drawing
Aperture: 38mm
Power rating: ≤1kW
Cooling: Water-cooled, 6/4 connector
Mechanics: Aluminium Alloy, Black Anodised.
Fitting: M50x1.0, female, both ends
Transmission: 6% – 100%, 0.04% – 98%
Optics: Lasergrade ZnSe Brewster Plates
Coating: Enhancing coating available (-E)

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