Lens nozzle assemblies C-LNxx

lens nozzle assembly
The lens and nozzle assemblies come for 3 standard lens focal lengths: 38, 63 and 100mm. The lenses are
mounted in a separate cell that is screwed into the nozzle section. The C-LN100 is a C-LN63 plus an
extension piece and is shown above. The clear aperture inside the lens assembly is 17.5mm.
The copper nozzle is removed by unscrewing the cap while to adjust its distance from the lens (to give the
correct stand-off, +/-3mm), unscrew the lock ring and screw the threaded tube in or out. Then tighten the lock
The gas nozzle inlet allows a gas purge to be directed through the nozzle. With the standard lens, a pressure
of up to 5 bar is possible. The inlet requires 6/4 tubing.