Industrial laser

Industrial Lasers

CO2 and Fiber Laser processing continue to support a broad range of industrial applications.

ULO Optics produce a range of Lenses, Reflectors and Windows for both OEMs and as replacement parts for end users.

We also supply OEM style protection windows, collimators and beamexpanders for 1um fiber laser systems.

Our optics are used around the world in processes such as Flatbed Sheet Metal Cutting and Laser Scanning and Marking.

Our Laser Marking applications include textile marking for the fashion industry and coding for traceability in a range of areas, like on food packaging, where batch numbers and use by dates are required to be safely applied to various materials and even the food itself.

Precision, durable Laser Marking is also often used on ID cards such as passports and driving licences for anti-counterfeiting purposes.

ULO Optics offer a large range of stock items and have a long history of providing high quality bespoke solutions to the industrial laser market.

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