Medical & Dental

Medical & Dental

Lasers in medical and cosmetic surgery offer numerous advantages over traditional methods.

With superior precision compared to conventional instruments, lasers enable smaller and more accurate incisions, minimizing unnecessary tissue damage. Operations conducted with lasers are typically faster, leading to shorter hospital stays and quicker healing times for patients. Moreover, laser procedures often result in reduced scarring and less post-operative pain.

ULO Optics provides OEMs worldwide with optics for surgical CO2 and fiber lasers, catering to both continuous wave and pulsed laser therapies across various medical disciplines including ophthalmology, dermatology, dentistry, gynecology, podiatry, ENT treatment, and more. We also offer customized optics for medical imaging applications.

Laser therapy is versatile, ranging from low-level laser therapy (LLLT) for stimulating cell function to high-power applications for tissue cutting and ablation. Its uses span from life-saving procedures to pain relief, infection treatment, and aesthetic procedures like tooth whitening and tattoo removal.


Tailored Solutions for Medical Lasers: Gold-Coated Metal Mirrors


In addition to a diverse range of stock lenses and reflectors, we specialize in bespoke solutions, collaborating with clients across life science applications. Our gold-coated metal mirrors are particularly suited for delivering Er:YAG lasers and surgical CO2 lasers, serving major medical equipment OEMs in Europe, the US, and Israel. Our coatings, reflective for both infrared and visible light, are vital for meeting the precise needs of our medical clientele.

Laser Optics in the Medical Industry

ULO’s Laser optics are pivotal in medical applications, where precision and reliability are paramount. Our specialized components are designed to perform optimally at specific laser wavelengths, ensuring high accuracy in procedures like surgery, diagnostics, and therapy. With substrates and coatings tailored for medical lasers, our optics maintain high performance and durability under stringent conditions.

ULO Optics offers a comprehensive range of laser optics suitable for medical use, including lenses for focusing and shaping laser beams in intricate surgeries, mirrors for precise beam steering in diagnostic equipment, and filters and windows that protect sensitive instruments and patient areas from unwanted laser exposure.

In the medical field, laser optics must adhere to rigorous standards due to the narrow wavelength ranges of therapeutic lasers. These components are crafted with exotic materials and advanced coatings to optimize their function for the laser’s specific medical applications. They also meet strict tolerances for characteristics such as absorption, dispersion, thermal conductivity, and laser-induced damage thresholds, ensuring safety and effectiveness in high-stakes medical environments.

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