reflection isolator


These optically function in the same way as the attenuators, but do not have the rotatable internal barrel. 

The unit is positioned in linearly polarised beam and bodily rotated for maximum transmission and locked in place. The outgoing beam has to be converted to circular polarisation after the reflection isolator. Any reflected power for the target will pass through the circular polariser again and be converted back to linear polarisation. However, the backward beam will be polarised perpendicular to the outgoing beam and therefore dumped by the reflection isolator. In most cases above 100W water-cooling is advised. 


Technical Specifications


Dimensions: see drawing

Aperture: 38mm

Power Rating: ≤1kW

Cooling: Water-cooled, 6/4 connector

Mechanics: Aluminium Alloy, Black Anodised 

Fitting: M50x1.0, female, both ends

Optics: Lasergrade ZnSe Brewster Plates