Phase retarder

Phase Retarder  C-CM-PR4


Purpose and Functionality

A phase retarder, or a waveplate, is an optical device that alters the phase of polarized light. By integrating a ¼-wave phase retarder into the first mirror block of a periscope configuration, it’s possible to create an in-line circular polarizer unit. This unit is designed such that the incoming and outgoing beams are collinear, meaning they share the same line or path.

The periscope configuration is achieved by combining four of our Compact Mirror Blocks. The first mirror block contains the ¼-wave phase retarder, while the other three blocks contain zero-phase mirrors. The result is a system that can manipulate the phase and polarization of light without altering its path.

The C-CM-PR4, the specific model of the in-line circular polarizer unit, must be oriented correctly with respect to the linearly polarized beam entering the device. This orientation is typically 45° to the S and P planes.

Technical Specifications

The plane of polarization is usually vertical or horizontal. As such, the unit itself will typically be tilted over at a 45° angle. This orientation allows the unit to effectively interact with the polarized light.

In conclusion, the integration of a phase retarder into a periscope configuration of mirror blocks allows for the creation of an in-line circular polarizer unit. This unit can manipulate the phase and polarization of light, providing a valuable tool in various optical applications.

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