Corner mirrors

Corner Mirrors  C-CM

Purpose and Functionality

The C-CM corner mirror block, a component of our Compact range. It uses Silicon mirrors of 25.4mm (1”) or 25mm diameter, which are coated with our Supermax coating to enhance their reflective properties. This allows for efficient redirection of light, which is crucial in many optical applications.

In addition to the standard mirror, the C-CM corner mirror block can also accommodate a λ/4 phase retarder. This component alters the phase of the light wave, providing additional control over the light’s properties and enabling more complex optical operations.

The mirror is mounted in a ring that features tip and tilt adjustments. These adjustments allow for precise control over the mirror’s orientation, enabling the user to fine-tune the direction of the reflected light. The mirror is held in place by a conical spring, which provides a restraining force to maintain the mirror’s position.


Technical Specifications

The mirror blocks are supplied pre-aligned to within a few arc minutes, minimizing the need for further adjustments after installation. However, if significant adjustments are required, about +/-2° of adjustment are available. In such cases, it is recommended to check the alignment of the incident beam and the correctness of previous components.

Changing the mirror does not affect the alignment, simplifying the process of mirror replacement. To replace the mirror, the two screws holding the cover plate in place can be undone, and the plate and spring can be removed. The mirror can then be removed by pulling on its edge or using a piece of tape stuck to the mirror back. After placing the new mirror, the cover plate can be screwed back on with the spring in place.

The mirror blocks are designed to accept either thread inserts or retractable mounts. Using a retractable mount on the input side is recommended as this allows the mirror block to be oriented in azimuth to any angle. This feature is particularly useful when the corner mirror block contains a phase retarder.

Lastly, the clear aperture on the C-CM is 16.4mm. This specification is crucial as it determines the maximum beam size that can be used with the mirror block.

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