Beam Pipes


Beam pipe serves as a shroud to the laser beam so that accidental blocking of the beam cannot occur. In particular, for Health and Safety reasons, an invisible laser beam such as the CO2 beam cannot be blocked by a part of the body. Of course, beam pipe also serves to connect the other parts of the beam delivery system together, making it a more rigid structure. Yet a third reason for its use, is to contain a purge atmosphere that has a slight positive pressure. This helps to keep dust out of the beam path as well as stabilising the beam from the effects of absorbing gases.

The standard lengths are 30mm, 50mm, 100mm and 300mm. Using the thread inserts, longer lengths can be created. An odd length can be made using the extender pipe. A 30mm length can also be supplied with a purge nozzle (C-BPP30).

The internal bore is 19mm and connection is made to other components by the thread inserts

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