Beam Pipes  C-BE



Purpose and Functionality

beam pipe plays a crucial role in laser systems, serving both practical and safety functions. Let’s delve into its key aspects:

  1. Laser Beam Protection: The primary purpose of a beam pipe is to shield the laser beam. By enclosing the beam within a pipe, accidental blockage is prevented. This is especially critical for invisible laser beams, such as the CO2 beam, which must not be obstructed by any part of the body. Safety protocols demand that the beam remains unimpeded, ensuring the well-being of operators and bystanders.

  2. Structural Rigidity: Beyond safety, the beam pipe acts as a structural link, connecting various components of the laser system. By creating a more rigid assembly, it enhances stability during operation. Whether it’s directing the beam from the laser source to the target or guiding it through intricate optical setups, the beam pipe provides essential support.

  3. Purge Atmosphere Containment: Another critical function is maintaining a purge atmosphere within the beam pipe. This controlled environment typically has a slight positive pressure. Why? Let’s explore:

    • Dust Prevention: The positive pressure helps keep dust particles out of the beam path. Dust accumulation can degrade beam quality and affect precision.
    • Gas Stabilization: Absorbing gases (such as air) can alter the laser beam’s behavior. The purge atmosphere minimizes these effects, ensuring consistent performance.



Technical Specifications

  1. Standard Lengths:

    • Beam pipes are commonly available in standard lengths:
      • 30mm
      • 50mm
      • 100mm
      • 300mm
    • These lengths cater to various applications, from compact setups to more extensive optical paths.
  2. Customization Options:

    • Longer lengths can be achieved by using thread inserts to connect multiple sections.
    • Need an odd length? No problem! An extender pipe allows for customized dimensions beyond the standard options.
    • For specific requirements, consider the 30mm length with a purge nozzle (C-BPP30), which combines beam guidance with gas control.
  3. Internal Bore Diameter:

    • The internal bore of the beam pipe measures 19mm. This dimension accommodates the laser beam while allowing for easy connection to other components.
    • Thread inserts facilitate seamless integration with other optical elements, ensuring efficient beam delivery.



Engineering Elegance

The beam pipe, often overlooked, combines precision, safety, and reliability.  Next time you encounter a laser system, appreciate the unassuming hero—the beam pipe—that ensures precise, protected photon flow

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