ZnSe Lenses – Negative (Plano-Concave)

Raw material propertiesPlano-Concave lenses
Only lasergrade ZnSe is used in the fabrication of Umicore Laser Optics negative lenses. See section M1.0
for detailed optical and mechanical properties of ZnSe.
Standard ZnSe negative lenses are held in stock in four size ranges: Diameters 12.5mm, 12.7mm,
19.0mm and 25.0mm.
Other diameters can be fabricated to order.
All standard negative lenses are plano-concave type. Negative meniscus and bi-concave lenses can
be custom-made.
Dimensional and optical tolerances conform to the general tolerances and specifications for ZnSe
lenses detailed in technical data section 4.00.
All negative lenses are treated with low-absorption anti-reflection coatings for a wavelength of

Design Service
Negative lenses are often used as one element in a beamexpanding telescope. ULO Optics offer
a design service where a negative lens may be designed to give optimum compensation of spherical
aberration within a beamexpander arrangement. In order to make the calculations, the properties of the
positive element must be known in detail.
List of standard products

Plano Concave data

(4.20A) See data section 4.00 for explanation of ‘EFL’, ‘ET’.
(4.20B) See data section 67 for complete beamexpander assemblies