ZnSe Lenses – High Gas Pressure

Raw material propertiesHigh Gas Pressure Lenses
Only lasergrade ZnSe is used in the fabrication of Umicore Laser Optics high gas pressure lenses. See section
M1.0 for detailed optical and mechanical properties of ZnSe.
Dimensions and lens types
Standard Znse high gas pressure lenses are held in stock in several size ranges: 1.1″ (28mm); 1.5″
(38mm); 50.0mm, and 2.0″ (50.8mm) diameters are the most common types.
At 25.0mm diameter two FL’s are stocked.
For special applications, other sizes can be made to order.
Most of the standard high gas pressure lenses are optimum meniscus ‘M’ type. Plano-convex lenses
are designated ‘P/V’.
Lenses of edge thicknesses specific to Trumpf and Bystronic laser systems are detailed in data section
Dimensional and optical tolerances conform to the general tolerances and specifications for ZnSe
lenses detailed in technical data section 4.00.

All high gas pressure lenses are treated with low-absorption anti-reflection coatings for a wavelength
of 10.6μm.
Assist gas pressures
ULO Optics stock three ranges of high gas pressure lenses. The ‘HGP’ range is designed for use
at gas pressures up to 25 BAR. The ‘EHGP’ range is designed for use at up to 35 BAR.
Other ranges, ‘VTE’ and ‘BYS’ lenses, are designed to be exact and direct replacements for lenses
used in Trumpf and Bystronic laser systems. See technical data section 4.30.
List of standard products


(4.10A) ‘FFD’ is flange focal distance, the distance from the edge of the concave (or flat)
surface to the focus.
(4.10B) ‘EFL’ is the effective focal length (see section 4.00).