WMD Water Cooling Mount (for 50mm & 2″ lenses)

Introductionlaser water cooling unit
Model WMD mount is intended to provide cooling for mounted 2.0″ and 50.0mm diameter ZnSe
lenses mounted in ‘M20’ lens cells.
A secondary purpose of the WMD unit is to provide an interface between the mounted lenses (in M20
cells) and the appropriate gas nozzle, which in most cases, will be the ‘LNA’ type described in data
section 9.30.
The WMD mount does not accept any form of internal beamexpander.
Technical specifications
Material : Aluminium HE30
Finish : Black anodised
Sealing : Via ‘O’ ring seals
Threads : (1) External: 2.5″ dia x 12 TPI UNF 2A
(2) Internal: 2.5″ dia x 12 TPI
(3) Nozzle fitting: 80.0 dia x 1.0 pitch
Max. diameter : 100.0 mm
Overall length : 55.0 mm
Clear aperture : 50.0 mm dia.
Other dimensions : See fig. 9.801
Cooling : Via 8/6 fittings

water cooling 50mm

All mechanical dimensions are toleranced to +/-0.1mm, except the mounting thread.
The mount thread is deliberately made to be a slightly loose fit into a female thread of (full) 2.5″ x
12 TPI.
(Users making a female thread to be a smooth or tight fit to an example WMD thread run the risk
of subsequent failure-to-fit with, eg: lens cells from other suppliers, or other ‘M20’ cells.
Associated products
The WMD mount fits directly to the following products:
CFF50 coarse/fine focus mechanism
The WMD accepts:
All 19.7 MZLF lenses (section 8.30)
All 20 MZLF lenses (section 8.30)
All 19.7 MEHGP lenses (section 8.30)
All 20 MEHGP lenses (section 8.30)
Associated nozzles
The external (front) thread on the WMD mount is 80.0mm dia x 1.0mm pitch. This thread fits directly
to LNA nozzles.
The LNA nozzle type is intended for general-purpose use, with a wide range of adaptors to suit
various lens focal lengths. The LNA nozzles are suitable for use up to 20 Bar gas pressure.
See section 9.30 for details of LNA gas nozzles.