Water Cooling Mounts for 14TF/15TF Lenses

Introductionwater cooling laser mount
Lenses used to focus high power CO2 laser beams may need some indirect cooling. Model WMB
water cooling mount is designed to accept the 14TF series of lenses, or any 1.5″ (38mm) diameter
ZnSe lens mounted in a type M15 cell. The WMB unit interfaces with other equipment, such as
focusing heads, via a 44mm x 1.0 pitch thread. Model WMC mount is identical to model WMB,
except in that it is designed to accept 15TF series lenses.
Construction details, models WMB and WMC
Material : Aluminium HE30.
Finish : Black anodised.
Sealing : Via ‘0’ ring seals.
Water fittings : Metric 6/4 size.
Dimensions : See Figure 21.31.
Clear aperture : 38.0mm, both types.
The thread fitting, designated ‘T’ is as follows:
Model WMB: diameter 44.0 x 1.0 pitch x 22DP.
Model WMC: diameter 50.0 x 1.5 pitch x 22DP.

water cooling mount

Special note
Unlike the smaller ‘WMA’ mount, these larger sizes are not intended to house optional fixed focus
Associated equipment
Models WMB and WMC are a direct fit to model CFF38 coarse/fine focusing unit. (Section 63.3).
The MNA series of gas nozzles are adapted to fit WMB and WMC type mounts. Appropriate
designations for the gas nozzles are given in Technical Data Section 9.20.