Telecentric scanning lenses are a special configuration in which the arrangement of optics are designed to focus the beam such that it is always perpendicular to the flat field. This is especially important for drilling applications such as via hole drilling in printed circuit boards, ensuring that the drilled holes are perpendicular to the surface even off the center of the scanning field. Welding and structuring applications can also benefit from the use of a telecentric lens, as the spot remains round, even along the edges of the field.

Telecentric scanning lenses are always multi-element designs and are supplied in a housing. At least one lens element will be larger than the field size to be scanned. In practice, this means that for reasons of manufacture and cost that only small field sizes are possible, in turn implying short focal lengths. Each specific application demands custom solutions for these lens types. Contact us with your specifications for a preliminary design and we will quote you.

  • Made to custom requirements.
  • Advanced in-house design, based on years of innovation in the field
  • Perpendicular beam for critical applications


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