Supermax R coated mirrors offer exceptional performance  with high reflectivity. The Supermax R coating offers high durability, withstanding the MIL-Spec severe abrasion test making them easily cleaned, leading to longer mirror lifetime. Every Supermax R optic, in addition to its other high performance characteristics, also provides zero phase shift (+/- 2°) at 10.6 microns.

Supermax coated silicon mirrors are the ideal choice for a variety of applications, from beam path fold mirrors to lightweight scanner mirrors. Supermax copper mirrors can also be used for various functions such as fold mirrors, zero phase optics and intracavity mirrors, giving the user outstanding performance without compromise.

  • Zero phase retardation
  • >99.8% average reflectance
  • Rs = 99.93%, Rp = 99.81%
  • Absorption at normal incidence = 0.11%.
  • ThF4 free


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