Supermax Coated Si Mirrors

Introductionsilicon mirrors and lenses
The Supermax coating is intended for general-purpose use. Supermax is zero-phase type when used at 45°
Typical measured specifications
R(s) = 99.93%, R(p) = 99.81%, Abs% at normal incidence =0.11%
CW LIDT = 500W/mm +/-10%
NB: The LIDT values are the laser power that a new, clean mirror will withstand per mm (1/e2) of
beam diameter.
Avialable products, ‘SuperMax’ coated Si mirrors
The ‘SuperMax’ coating is a new development. Utilizing a ThF4 – free coating design, the Supermax coatings
give the highest reflectivity available, and zero phase shift.
Please table 15.01 for standard sizes.

supermax silicon mirrors

Special Purpose Silicon Mirrors – PMR, DUAL & PFM

Special-purpose Si mirrors are detailed in this section. All-purpose mirrors for 10.6μm with high reflectivity
and near-zero phase shift when used at 45 degrees incidence are described in data section 15.10.
In addition to the special-purpose mirrors described here, Umicore Laser Optics can manufacture Si mirrors
to customer specifications, with coatings for other wavelengths.
Available products, PMR coated Si mirrors
The PMR, pulsed max-R, coating is designed for use on mirrors for pulsed ‘TEA’ CO2 lasers. Only one
size of mirror is standard. Other sizes can be made to order.


Special coatings si mirrors

Available products, ‘Dual’ coated mirrors
The ‘Dual’ coating is intended for use on Si mirrors where high reflectivity is required for both CO2 and
visible light. Typical values are R (10.6μm) > 99%, R (633nm) >97%.
Applications include use in articulated arms (medical lasers).

special purpose si mirrror

Available products, ‘PFM’ polarization-forcing mirrors
The PFM coating is designed to give high in-cavity reflection for S-pol, with low reflectivity for
P-pol., at 45 deg. incidence.
Mirrors of this type force the laser to emit linearly polarized radiation.

coated si mirrors