SNA Series Gas Nozzles

IntroductionSNA Gas Nozzle

SNA gas nozzles are intended for use with 28mm (1.1″) diameter lenses, for assist gas pressures up to 20+ bar, and
are suitable for use with lenses from any of the 11MZLF, and 11MHGP series (Technical Data section 8.10).
SNA nozzles are only 57mm diameter, and are useful in applications where a relatively narrow focusing head is
required. The lateral-adjust screws are fully gas sealed.
Height adaptors are used for lens focal lengths of 76mm and longer. A selection of nozzle tips and height adaptors
allows use with all lens focal lengths from 50mm (2″) to 254mm (10″).
Technical specifications
Dimensions : See Figure 9.101
Nozzle tip adjustment : +/-3.0 mm in Z-axis.
+/-1.5 mm in lateral adjustment.
Fitting : 1.875″ dia. x 20TPI thread.
Max gas pressure: : 25 bar
Nozzle tip hole : 1.5mm diameter is std.
Gas inlet : Via 8/6 fitting as std. Other sizes available on request.
Available models/specifications
All SNA nozzles use a basic body SNA/SA incorporating gas seals, vertical and lateral adjustment mechanisms and
gas inlet. The thread fitting in the main body is 1/8″ BSP, allowing various gas inlet fittings to be used (standard
is 8/6 size).
Nozzle standoff is 3mm +/-3mm as standard. This is user-adjusted by rotation of a knurled ring, and locked by a
SNA Gas Nozzle datacastellated ring. Nozzle tips
are from copper.
Table 9.101 details the SNA
nozzle assembly required for
lenses described in tech. data
section 8.10.
Table 9.101 contains a
representative selection of
designs. Other focal lengths
that may be used with SNA
nozzles include 48mm,
102mm, and 150mm or
Nozzles for 11TF series
‘GNA’ series nozzles are
usually specified for use with 11TF series lenses (sections 20.6 and 20.1 respectively). SNA nozzles may be used
with certain 11TF lenses….please call for details.

SNA nozzles attatch directly onto the following equipment:
FF25 fine-focus unit : Tech. Section 63.1
CFF25 coarse/fine focus unit : Tech. Section 63.2
WMA water-cooling mount : Tech. Sections 9.60, 20.3
ZX10 zoom beamreducer : Tech. Section 20.5
(Fitting to CFF25 is usually via WMA mount).
Important note: No ULO Optics nozzles connect directly to the lens cell. Interface is usually via the
appropriate size of water-cooling mount.
Applications note
The nozzles are standardized for 3+/-3mm standoff in order to suit a wide range of
applications. Certain laser processes may suit either larger or smaller standoff values.
ULO Optics are able to supply longer or shorter nozzle tip types for those cases where a customer specifies
a modification to the required standoff value.