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The pipe supports are to allow the beam pipe sections to be firmly clamped to a work surface at a height to
match your laser. They consist of 4 parts: the base, a middle section, and a V section to hold the pipe and
the clamp. The base has 2 slotted holes to allow mounting to optical tables that have a hole spacing of 25mm
or 1”. The hole separation is 75mm/3”.
The middle section is the piece that is chosen to bring the beam pipe up to the correct height. Common laser
types catered for are those made by Rofin, Coherent, Synrad and Spectron. There is a small amount of
height adjustment available by loosening 2 screws on the support’s side. Standard heights are 73, 78, 81 and

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73mm, 78mm, 81mm, 123mm


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