ULO can send customers’ slides alongside newly manufactured slides for retesting and certification by the Health and Safety Laboratory.

HSL will not reissue a certificate without re-inspection of the slide.

Having seen slides failing retest at 5 years, ULO advise that all slides should be retested after 5 years as a matter of best practice.

The re-testing service is currently priced at £395 and takes 6-8 weeks.  Please be advised that there is no guarantee of slides passing this test. Both certified and uncertified slides will be returned to you with either a new certifcate, or a copy of HSL’s lab report indicating the reason for failure.

Please purchase this service from our website then send your slide to the address below:


HSE Retest Service
ULO Optics LTD
Unit 2 Caxton Place,
Caxton Way
United Kingdom
SG1 2UGHSE Test certificate