Fine Focus Adjuster


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A rotary adjustment which provides fine focus control of the lens and nozzle assembly.  While maintaining a compact size, its notched adjustment ring provides easy handling, and the clear engraving allows the user to measure the ± 10mm focus range in 0.1mm increments.  A locking knob is provided to secure the focus setting. The tube does not rotate as it slides: a pin at 90° to the locking knob rides in a slot to prevent rotation. This in turn prevents any beam wander from residual lens centring errors.
Both ends of the focusing unit have the thread to take the thread inserts.

  • Anti-Rotation Screw locks the unit together to avoid unwanted movement
  • 0.1mm increment steps for pin-point precision


Part NumberDiameterLengthClear Aperture
C-FA44 mm130 ± 10 mm18 mm


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