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Our 45º corner mirrors are designed for easy alignment and offer a superior beam reflectance of over 99.85%

10 in stock (can be backordered)

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Designed to provide easy alignment and low maintenance, each mirror block is supplied pre-aligned to a 45º angle of incidence to within ±1 arc minute. Therefore, many systems may not need alignment upon assembly.  Any adjustments that are required can be carried out through the back plate. The mirror can be removed, cleaned or replaced without losing alignment.Mirror block for laser

The standard mirror included in our CO2mpact mirror blocks is the 25mm Diameter Silicon Supermax flat mirror.  Coated with our zero phase retardation high performance Supermax coating. These mirrors are able to reflect >99.85% average at 45º incidence.  A ¼-wave phase retarder mirror can also be fitted.

  • Ability to remove, clean and replace mirror without losing alignment
  • Pre-aligned to 45º angle for a 90º beam deflection
  • Adjustments easily made
  • Low maintenance
Part NumberHeightWidthLengthClear Aperture
C-CM45 mm38 mm45 mm16.4 mm


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