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Beamexpanders are beneficial in the control of the laser beam over long beam paths which also influences the focused spot size. There is a variety of standard magnifications available as well as x8 to x12 by special order with a longer body. The compact beamexpander has a slide and lock focus setting which is set to infinity before shipping, and has been designed to allow the user to easily adjust this focus to suit their system.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: See drawing
Aperture: See table, 25.4mm Output (all mag)
Power rating: ≤500W
Cooling: Air cooled
Mechanics: Aluminium Alloy, Black Anodised.
Fitting: M29x1.0, Male IP, Female OP
Focusing: -3m through to infinity to +3m
Transmission: >98.5% (Zero beam clipping)
Optics: Lasergrade ZnSe lenses
Coating: AR/AR 10.6μm or 9.3/9.6μm (V9)

Additional information


1.3x magnification, 1.6x magnification, 2.0x magnification, 2.5x magnification, 3.0x magnification, 3.5x magnification, 4.0x magnification, 5.0x magnification, 6.0x magnification, 7.0x magnification, 8.0x magnification, 10.0x magnification, 12.0x magnification


10.6micron, 9.3micron


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