Pipe Support Units

Pipe support units are used to support and clamp the optical piping (Section 61.1) to an optical table
or rigid frame provided by the end user. The standard table-to-optical axis distance is 150.0mm,
which is ideal for allowing clearance from a table for all the Umicore Laser Optics beam delivery
modules. For OPG piping, a lower profile unit, with 75.0mm table-to-optical axis distance, is offered as
an alternative for systems where the larger beam delivery modules are not required. Optical piping is
clamped between ‘V’ blocks, ensuring accuracy and rigidity.
Technical specifications
Dimensions : See Figure 61.21 and Table 61.22.
Material : Aluminium alloy HE30.
Finish : Black painted.
Please note
Model 25 PSU 75 has the same style of ‘V’ block clamp mechanism, but the base is a square block
125 x 125mm in size. The mounting holes for 25 PSU 75 are 4 off M6 clearance on 100.0 x 100.0mm
centres. External view drawing available on request for 25 PSU 75.
Associated equipment
Use 25 PSU 150 to clamp OPG piping: (Section 61.1).
Use 38 PSU 150 to clamp LPG piping: (Section 61.1).

pipe support unit