Other Piping and Supports

Items of equipment associated with optical piping and supOptical Piping and supports port mechanisms are included in this
section. Following are descriptions of: ‘EOP’ extending optical pipe, length variable by 50mm;
‘OPGS’ sealed optical pipe; ‘SMU’ a mount unit for retaining 10W/25W Synrad lasers on an optical
table, compatible with other ULO Optics beam delivery equipment.
EOP extending optical pipe is externally similar to standard OPG piping, with a 38mm ID, 57.0mm
OD and two male end-connecting threads of 52.0mm dia. x 1.5 pitch. The EOP pipe has a slideand-
lock mechanism allowing extension of the minimum length ‘L’ by up to 50mm.
EOP has an engraved scale indicating the amount of extension, and so can be used as a basic focusing
head where fine-focus control is not required.
The minimum (unextended) length is 155mm.
The maximum (unextended) length is 600mm.]


Sealed Optical Pipe
For some applications it is desirable to have the optical system sealed from any possibility of ingress
of dust. One method of achieving a dust-free beam delivery system is by use of a sight excess of gas
pressure (clean, inert gas) in the optical piping.
All of the simpler beam delivery modules, such as ‘TM’ mirror blocks, and many of the more
complex modules can be supplied as ‘sealable’ types.
These may then be used with ‘OPGS’ sealed optical pipe to obtain a system free from dust.
Two types of pipe are required, in general. ‘OPGSA’ is similar to the OPG type, with two male
‘OPGSB’ has one female/one male thread. From combinations of these pipes, long-path length
piping can be assembled.

optical-support-diaNote: The ‘O’ ring seal is
BS130 size, and is included
only in the ends of piping with
male threads.
Synrad Mount Unit ‘SMU’
The SMU is a support unit,
fork-type, for Synrad 10W or
25W sealed CO2 lasers.
It is designed to hold the laser
in position such that the beam
is 150mm above an optical
This makes the beam co-linear
with the optical axis of
equipment mounted on the
same table using 25PSU150
mounts and OPG piping.
A strong spring and counter
screw are used to allow ±1mm
of lateral adjustment for finecontrol
over lateral alignment.
Note: Complete optical equipment
containing Synrad 10W/
25W CO2 lasers is detailed in
section (90.0).