Optical Piping

IntroductionOptical piping
Beam delivery modules made by ULO Optics are intended to be mounted onto lengths of rigidly
mounted optical piping. The optical piping terminates in standard male threads, and beam delivery
units have free-rotating coupling rings which lock onto the piping. Two sizes of pipe are treated as
standard. OPG piping, with a 38mm clear internal aperture, suits the ‘25’ series of beam delivery
equipment. LPG piping has a 57mm clear internal aperture and suits the ‘38’ series of beam delivery
units. The user specifies the required length ‘L’ of the pipe.
Technical specifications
Dimensions : See Figure 61.11 and Table 61.12.
Material : Aluminium HE30.
Finish : Black anodised.
Length tolerance : ±0.15mm.
Available lengths : 22 to 1500mm.
Designation : Either ‘OPG’ or ‘LPG’ followed by overall length in mm.
Example ‘OPG500’ is a length of OPG size piping of overall
length 500 ± 0.1mm.

optical piping drawing


Associated equipmentoptical piping parts
OPG piping may be supported and
clamped by 25 PSU 150 or 25 PSU 75
pipe support units, and lengths may be
interconnected by 25 FFR adaptors. It is

suitable for use with any of the beam delivery
equipment with a ‘25’ designation. For example.


BSU25 Beamsplitter units (Section 70.1).
FPR25 Phase retarder units (Section 71.1).
BE25 Beamexpanders (Section 67.3).
FF25/CFF25 Focusing heads (Sections 63.1, 63.2).
TM25 (& TM20, TM30) Mirror blocks (Sections 62.2 ) etc.

The alignment crosswire LAX25 fits internally into OPG piping allowing beam alignment. LPG
piping may be supported and clamped by 38 PSU 150 pipe support units. Lengths of LPG pipe can
be connected by 38 FFR adaptors. LPG pipes connect to any of the ‘38’ series beam delivery
equipment. For example,
BE38 Beamexpanders (Section 67.4).
CFF38 Focusing head (Section 63.3) etc.
Alignment crosswire LAX38 fits internally into LPG piping.
FFR Adaptors
FFR adaptors are simple, externally knurled, rings that allow two sections of pipe to be connected.
They are 20.0mm long.