Optical Pipes and Supports

Introductionoptical pipes and supports
ULO Optics beam delivery equipment is designed to be connected to rigidly mounted optical
piping by means of threaded coupling rings. In this Section we present two basic sizes of optical pipe
and related pipe clamp mechanisms.
The OPG piping is designed to suit ‘25’ series equipment and has 52mm diameter x 1.5 pitch
coupling threads. The larger LPG piping suits ‘38’ series equipment, and has 70mm diameter x
1.5 pitch threads. To maintain compatibility with the dimensioning of other equipment, the lengths
of pipe are described in terms of the full length, that is, to the end of the male coupling threads. Pipe
clamp mechanisms are designed to hold optical piping at a fixed height above an optical table or some
other rail. The standard types are built to maintain the optical axis at 150.0mm above the mounting
surface, but a lower profile unit is available for the OPG piping which has a 75.0mm table-to-axis
height. Optical pipes may be connected together with a simple connector ring “FFR type” in
circumstances where a long run of pipe is required.
Section 61.1 – OPG and LPG pipes, FFR connectors
Rugged aluminium piping, terminating in male fixing threads and compatible with other Umicore Laser Optics
beam delivery equipment.
OPG pipe has a 38mm clear aperture.
LPG pipe has a 57mm clear aperture.
FFR adaptors connect lengths of similar pipe.

Section 61.2 – Pipe Support Units
Models 25PSU150 and 25PSU75 support OPG piping at 150mm and 75mm above a table or rail
Model 38PSU150 supports LPG piping at 150mm above a table or rail.
Type ‘SMU’ is a special mount used to locate Synrad 10W or 25W lasers at an optical axis height
of 150mm above a table and is compatible with the use of an optical system constructed using
25PSU150 plus OPG piping.
Section 61.3 – Other equipment
This section has details of extending optical pipe, adjustable in length over a range of 50mm (such
pipe may be used as a simple ‘Z’ axis slide and lock focusing head in non-critical applications).
Sealed OPG pipe, designated ‘OPGS’, is also described in Section 61.3.