Mounted ZnSe Lenses 1.1″ Diameter

IntroductionZnSe Lens Mounts
ZnSe lenses of meniscus form and of 1.1″ (28mm) diameter are supplied in two main types: ’11ZLF’ series,
with 3.0mm edge thickness and suitable for use up to 9 Bar gas pressure; ’11HGP’ series with 4.2mm edge
thickness and suitable for use up to 25 Bar gas pressure.
There are also some special lens types with thicker edges.
All types may be accomodated in the Umicore Laser Optics standard ‘M11’ mount.
Mounted lenses are designated as follows:
Mounted 11ZLF lenses become ’11MZLF’ type.
Mounted 11HGP lenses become ’11MHGP’ type.
Technical specifications, M11 mount
Material : Aluminium HE30
Finish : Black anodised
Identification : Self-adhesive title ring (standard FLs)
Thread : 1.5″ dia x 12TPI UNF 2A x 16mm long
Max. diameter : 44.5mm
Overall length : 27.0mm
Clear aperture : 25.0mm (except ‘specials’, see below)
Dimensions : See fig. 8.13
All mechanical dimensions are toleranced to +/-0.1mm, except the mounting thread.
The mount thread is truncated to a peak diameter of 1.486″, and is intended to be a loose fit in the female thread
of (full) 1.5″ dia x 12TPI UNF.
(Users making a female thread to be a smooth or tight fit to an example lens cell run the risk of subsequent
failure-to-fit with lens cells from other suppliers, or due to batch-to-batch variations).
Special variant of M11 cell
When a high power laser beam strikes the clamp ring, lens failure usually results. For systems whose beam
diameter is towards the upper limit, or where mis-alignment may occur, Umicore Laser Optics offer a special
non-anodised clamp ring of 24.0mm internal clear aperture. Supplied on request only, the special clamp ring
provides a level of protection for the lens and for the ‘O’ ring or indium wire installed.
Mounting methods
The mounting method for ’11ZLF’ lenses is shown in fig. 8.11.
Fig. 8.12 showns the mounting/sealing method used for ’11HGP’ lenses. Note that indium wire is not used for
high gas pressures as ‘creep’ can occur under those circumstances.

Lens Mount Tech


Working distances
See figure 8.13 and table 8.14.
The numerical designation of the lens represents the FL in mm.
Example: 11MZLF127 has 127mm (5″) focal length.
Associated products
The M11 mount fits directly to the following products:
WMA water cooling mount (sections 9.60, 20.3)
FF25 focus mechanism (section 63.1)
CFF25 focus mechanism (section 63.2)
ZX10 zoom beamreducer (section 20.5)
and special variants of SBE beamexpanders (section 67.2) available
on request only, adapted to accept the M11 mount.
Associated nozzles
The SNA nozzles are compatible with 1.1″ diameter mounted lenses.
See section 9.10.
SNA nozzles do not attatch directly to the M11 mount, but interface
via model WMA water-cooling mount (section 9.60)
In some cases the GNA nozzles may be used with WMA mount and
lenses in M11 cells. Note that the GNA nozzles, section 20.6, are
intended for use up to 6 Bar only