Modular Beam Expanders

IntroductionModular beam expanders

The modular series of CO2 laser beam expanders provides a wide, versatile range of sizes and
magnifications for laboratory and general industrial use with lasers of up to 1kW CW power. The
range consists of a series of ouput sections, forming the main body of the beamexpander, with output
diameters from 25mm to 90mm. Input lens units plug into the main body to form the complete
beam expander.
Technical specifications (all models)
Dimensions : See Fig. 67.51 and Table 67.52.
Lenses : Lasergrade ZnSe with ultra-low absorption anti-reflection coatings.
Bodies : Aluminium HE30, black anodised.
Fixing : Bulkhead or thread. See Table 67.52.
Output clear aperture : Defined by designation, eg “OP50” has 50mm clear aperture.
Input clear aperture : Defined by designation, eg “IP14” has 14mm clear aperture.
Magnification : Defined by designation, eg OP50 plus IP10 have, as a combination, a
magnification of 50/10 = x5.
Performance : Less than λ/20 residual spherical aberration.

modular beam dataInterchangeability
The two larger ‘IP’ units
designated IP20, IP25
may only be used with
OP70 or OP90 bodies.
Otherwise, all IP units fit
all OP units. In order to
fit IP20/IP25 in to the
OP70/OP90 bodies an
adaptor sleeve is removed.
Input units
The size and shape of
the ‘plug-in’ input units
is shown in Fig. 67.53A
and applies to IP designations
from IP3.3 to
IP14. The two larger input
units IP20, IP25 are
shown in external view
in Fig. 67.53B. These
may only be used with
OP70 or OP90. Available
models are given in
Table 67.54.



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