MNA Series Gas Nozzle

IntroductionMNA Gas Nozzle

A series of design improvements are incorporated in MNA nozzles from September ’97.
MNA gas nozzles are intended for use with 38mm (1.5″) diameter lenses, for assist gas pressures up to 20+
bar, and are suitable for use with lenses from any of the 15MZLF, 15MHGP and 14TF series (Technical Data
sections 8.20, 21.0).
The MNA series nozzles are 66mm maximum diameter.
The lateral-adjust screws are fully sealed.
Height adaptors are used for lens focal lengths of 76mm and longer. A selection of nozzle tips and height
adaptors allows use with all lens focal lengths from 50mm (2″) to 254mm (10″).
Technical specifications
Dimensions : See Figure 9.201
Nozzle tip adjustment : +/-3.0 mm in Z-axis.
+/-1.5 mm in lateral adjustment.
Fitting : 58.0 x 1.0 pitch thread.
Max gas pressure : 25 bar
Nozzle tip hole : 1.5mm diameter is std.
Gas inlet : Via 8/6 fitting as std. Other sizes available on request.
Available models/specifications
Table 9.202 details the MNA nozzle assembly required for lenses described in tech. data section 8.20.
Table 9.202 contains a representative selection of designs. Other focal lengths that may be used with MNA
nozzles include 89mm, 100mm, and 150mm or 152mm.
For MNA nozzles to suit ’14TF’ series lenses, see tech. section 21.4.
Associated equipment
MNA nozzles attatch directly onto the following equipment:
FF38 fine-focus unit: Tech. Section 63.4
CFF38 coarse/fine focus unit: Tech. Section 63.3
WMB and WMC mounts: Tech. Sections 9.70, 21.3
(Fitting to CFF38 is usually via WMB mount).
Important note: MNA nozzles do not attatch directly to the ‘M15’ lens mount. Interface is usually via model
WMB water-cooling mount.
Applications note
The nozzles are standardized for 3+/-3mm standoff in order to suit a wide range of common applications.
Certain processes may suit either larger standoff values (thick-section cutting) or smaller values (die-board
ULO are able to supply longer or shorter nozzle tip types for those cases where a customer
specifies a modification to the required standoff value.

MNA laser nozzle