Mirror Blocks Standard TTM-mirror-blocksM Type

The TM series of right-angle mirror blocks consists of four sizes of rugged, backlash-free mirror
mounts for use in CO2 laser systems. All mirror units are constructed from black anodised aluminium
and stainless steel. Connection is via free-rotating retractable connector rings. The thread details
are given in Table 62.03. Any type of mirror of appropriate size may be fitted, but the standard units
are supplied with gold coated copper mirrors.
Standard models
There are slight variations in appearance between the different models. Figure 62.02 below shows
the general external view of the TM series mirror blocks.
The dimensional parameters are given in Table 62.03.
‘T’ indicates the female thread size on the retractable coupling ring. All threads ‘T’ are 10mm long.
‘P’ indicates the metric size of pipe suited to the inlet/outlet water fittings. Mirror block faces have
an array of tapped holes as an optional mounting method. Details are given in Table 62.03.
Related products
The TM20, TM25 and TM30 mirror blocks affix to ‘OPG’ optical piping, described in Section 61.0.
Crosswire accessories suited to the optical piping, and crosswire accessories specifically suited to
these mirror blocks are described in Section 64.0. The TM38 mirror block affixes to ‘LPG’ optical
piping (Section 61.0). Any mirror of suitable size may be fitted to the mirror blocks (Table 62.01).

The data sections describing mirrors are as follows:
Copper mirrors Section 11.0 – 11.4
Silicon mirrors Section 15.00 – 15.20
Molybdenum mirrors Section 14.00