MF38-A-AS Reflective Focussing Head

MF38 series focusing heads consist of assemblies where one convex and one concave, spherical,
mirror are used to bring a CO2 (or CO) laser beam to a focus after reflection through 90°.
The performance is diffraction-limited under most circumstances. These units are broadly optically
equivalent to off-axis parabolas, while having several important advantages:
* Low cost of replacement optics.
* Extended working distance from final mirror.
* Can be gas sealed (see accessories, data section 29.2).
* Easy optics changeover … no re-alignment needed.
* Long focal lengths readily available.
* High power-handling capability.
The MF38 focusing heads are intended for use with high power lasers in welding and cutting
applications, and provide a high-performance alternative to the use of off-axis parabolas.Reflective focussing head
Technical specifications
MF38/A/SA, 2-mirror focusing head
Dimensions : See figure 29.11.
Clear aperture : 46mm diameter.

Fitting, input : 6 x M5 on 98.0 pcd.
Fitting, output : M80 x 1 pitch (matches MF38/F/SA nozzle).
Mirrors : NiCu mirrors, gold coated (as standard) .
Transmission : >97% at 10.6μm (see data section 29.0).
Alignment : Factory-set.
Gas-sealed : Yes, (requires MF38/B/SA).
Cooling : Water, via 8/6 fittings, (2 per mirror).
Construction : Aluminium, black anodised.
Power : >10kW CW CO2
Sealing : ‘O’ rings seals at each mirror. Gasket on cover plate.
Available Models
See technical data section 29.0 for list of 4 standard models, nozzles, replacement mirrors and values
for distance ‘D’.
See technical data sections 29.0 and 29.2.