Manual Attenuators

This device will allow the user to externally vary the power delivered from the laser without changing beam quality or beam path. Many lasers only vary their output power by pulsing full power on and off, and this does not always provide the fine control needed for some materials. The device will give infinitely variable control of the transmitted beam from approximately 6% to 100%. Below 100W the manual attenuator can be used air-cooled, above 100W the optional water jacket should be used.


  • Variable power delivered from the laser
  • Optional water cooling jacket
  • Fine level of control from 6% to 100% output power

Part Number           Height           Length       Clear Aperture

C-MA                        55mm            120mm             22mm

Manual Attenuator for Laser

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Diversification into 1 micron optics

ULO Collaborate on the LaserSnake2 project, developing laser cutting optics for safe, remote cutting in air and in water, focused on nuclear decommissioning.