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Lens Nozzle Assembly

The lens nozzle assembly is the last component in the CO2mpact beam delivery system using 19mm diameter ZnSe lenses coated AR/AR. Four different focal lengths are available as standard; 38, 63, 100 and 127mm. The lens is mounted in a separate cell, which allows for easy removal and cleaning of both surfaces. Adjustment of the nozzle stand-off is independet, giving a total of ± 3 mm. The gas inlet is via a standard 6/4 pipe fitting.

  • Easy cleaning of both surfaces
  • ±3mm adjustable stand-off
  • Additional focal lengths available upon request
  • Available for 10.6 µm and 9.3 µm


Part Number Diameter Length Clear Aperture
C-LN38 38 mm 60 mm 17.5 mm
C-LN63 31 mm 86.1 mm 17.5 mm
C-LN100 31 mm 122.9 mm 17.5 mm
C-LN127 31 mm 149.9 mm 17.5 mm

Quality Assured.

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Diversification into 1 micron optics

ULO Collaborate on the LaserSnake2 project, developing laser cutting optics for safe, remote cutting in air and in water, focused on nuclear decommissioning.