ZnSe Mounted Lens

Lens Mounts For ZnSe lenses

ULO Optics offer a range of lens mounts for general-purpose use in laser systems. The mounts
are designed to be of ‘industry standard’ dimensions, and are able to accept a range of lens thicknesses
including lenses designed for assist gas pressures up to 25 Bar.
Construction is from aluminium, type HE30, and the cells and clamp rings are black anodised.
ULO Optics’ mounts are designed to compress the lens against one ‘soft’ face (indium wire for
standard lenses; an ‘O’ ring for high-gas-pressure lenses).
These mounting methods are described in the individual data sections 8.10, 8.20 etc..
Technical considerations
ULO Optics’ lens cells are designed to avoid undue stress on the lens. It has been observed that
mechanical stresses can lead to lens failure in high power laser systems to a far greater extent than is generally
Two aspects of mechanical design which are strictly avoided in the ULO Optics cell designs are:
(a) Use of curved spacer/clamp ring faces. No mechanical surface can exactly match the optical surface. A combination
of curved spacers (‘to increase heat transfer’) and over-tightening is a major cause of lens failure in use.
(b) Too tight a fit on diameter. If the lens is a tight fit in a mount then edge compression will occur when the mount is cooled
and the lens is heated by the laser. Edge compression leads to massive stresses and lens failure.

Available mount types
There are three standard mount sizes:
(1) M11 mount, accepts 1.1″ (28.0mm) diameter lenses including 11ZLF and 11HGP types.
See data section 8.10.
(2) M15 mount, accepts 1.5″ (38.0mm) dia. lenses including 15ZLF, 15HGP and VTE types.
See data section 8.20.
(3) M20 mount, accepts 50.0mm (M20A) lenses and 2.0″ (50.8mm, type M20B). Lens ranges
are 19.7ZLF, 19.7EHGP, 20ZLF and 20EHGP types.
See data section 8.30.
Other mounts and mount sizes are available for supply with lenses from Umicore Laser Optics, on request.
These include:
* Modified M11 mounts, to accept 25.0mm or 25.4mm diameter.
* M25 mount to accept lenses 2.5″ (63.5mm) diameter.
* Special variations on M11 type, such as ‘HP’ lenses and ‘HPP’ lenses (assemblies with
pressure window, or with protective KCl window. See data sections 26.1, 26.2)
* Lens mounts to suit Amada laser systems. 1.1″ and 1.5″ sizes.
Water-cooling mounts and gas nozzles
No ULO Optics lens mount has direct provision for attachment of a gas nozzle. The mounted lens
and gas nozzle are interfaced via a water-cooled mount (or via another piece of ULO Optics
equipment such as a focusing head etc.).
M11-mounted lenses fit into model WMA water-cooled mount, which accepts SNA series nozzles.
(Sections 9.10, 9.60).
M15-mounted lenses fit into model WMB water-cooled mount, which accepts MNA series nozzles.
(Sections 9.20, 9.70).
M20-mounted lenses fit into model WMD water-cooled mount, which accepts LNA series nozzles.
(Sections 9.30, 9.80).
Supply of mounts/indium wire
Provision of mechanical mounts (only), or indium wire (only) is regarded as a service for users/
purchasers of ULO Optics lenses. ULO Optics reserve the right to refuse sale of these
items for use with lenses from other sources.