The LBS25 beam switch allows a CO2 laser beam to be directed along its incident path, or reflected
at an angle of precisely 90° to the incident path. There are two versions of the LBS25 beam switch,
‘right-handed’ and ‘left-handed’ types, for convenience of location of the manually operated control
These rugged units are water-cooled, and have high power-handling capability.
Technical specifications
Dimensions : See Figure 75.11.
Construction : Aluminium alloy, black anodised, with stainless steel mirror shaft on
precision bearings.
Mirror : Standard NiCu type, 50mm diameter by 10 thick.
Clear aperture : 32.5 mm diameter.
Beam alignment : <1 arc minutes, factory set.
Cooling : Water cooled via 6/4 fittings.
Fittings, (3 off) : Standard free-rotating coupling rings, with 52.0mm diameter x 1.5mm
pitch threads.
Operation : Manual, by rotation of control knob.
Max. CW power : 5kW (estimated).

beam switch diagram











Available models
Model LBS25-R is shown in figure 75.11. The ‘left-handed’ version, model LBS25-L has the control
knob on the opposite side of the body. Selection of the appropriate model means that the control knob
may always be either on top of the unit (for horizontally deflected beams) or toward the user (for
vertically deflected beams).
Associated equipment
The LBS25 beam switches connect directly to OPG piping.
beam switch tableOptical options
In certain applications the user might require a higher
level of reflectivity than is obtained from the use of
the standard NiCu mirror, or, alternatively, a higher
mechanical durability such as is obtained from the
use of a Mo mirror.
The various options are described in Table 75.12, all
mirrors being 50.0mm diameter and 10mm thick.

Technical note

The LBS25 switch can be used as a switchable visible laser beam injector for system alignment
purposes. With a small HeNe laser used to inject a visible beam at 90° to the main CO2 laser beam,
the pointing beam can be switched into the system path for preliminary alignment. The CO2 and
HeNe laser beams cannot be used at the same time.