LAU25 Lateral Adjustment Unit


The LAU25 mechanical assembly is intended to affix to rigidly mounted ’OPG’ piping and to
provide a laterally adjustable male mounting thread for other beam delivery modules, such as
SBE or BE25 series beamexpanders. (Sections 67.2, 67.3). The LAU25 unit has an internal
thread into which the LAX25 crosswire can be inserted to enable precise alignment by means of
the shadow-burn technique. Adjustment is by means of contra-opposing thumb screws. The
screws must be tightened to prevent rotation of the male thread.
Technical Specifications
Dimensions : See Figure 72.11.
Construction : Aluminium HE30 black anodised; mild steel chemically
blackened; stainless steel screws.
Lateral adjustment range : +/- 3mm X and Y.
Tilt/rotation : Yes, unless adjustment screws are tightened.
Clear aperture : 31mm diameter.

Associated equipment
Affix ‘OPG’ piping, rigidly clamped
Use to centre any of: LAX25 Crosswire (setting up) (Section 61.0)
SBE Series Beamexpander (Section 64.1)
BE25 Series Beamexpander (Section 67.2)
BE25 Series Beamexpander (Section 67.3)
FF25/CFF25 Focusing Units in simple systems (Section 63.1 & 63.2)
Lateral adjustment for FF25 and CFF25 focusing units would usually be provided by use of the
LAM25 module. Section 72.2

LAU 25 drawing