Laser Protection Windows

ULO Optics’ Laser Protection windows are used to protect your system from back spatter. They are the final optical element, and are placed in front of the working area. All our protection windows are AR coated to minimise absorption and prevent damage caused by back reflection. We offer AR coatings in the wavelength range of 200-3000nm and can offer Narrow-band, Broadband and Multispectral options. We offer windows in a number of substrates, most commonly Fused Silica, BK7, Borosilicate flass 3.3, Float glass and Sapphire.

Standard laser protection windows


  • Substrate: Fused Silica for high power lasers
  • Tolerance: ر0.1mm or +0/2.0mm
  • Thickness:: ±0.1mm or +0/-0.2mm
  • Edges grinded with facette (f.e. 0.3mmx45°)
  • Both sides mechanically polished λ/4-λ/6 
  • Scratch/dig 60/40 or 40/20 
  • Typical Standard Coatings: @1064nm T≥99.6% & @633nm T≥95% or broad band coating: for example @9001080nm T≥99.5% 
  • Smudge and scratch-resistant, adhesive peeling tested, ultrasonically cleaned in a dust-free booth.