Laser Mounts C-LM and C-LMA

Coming in two versions, these mounts allow the CO2MPACT equipment to be attached directly to the output
end plate of the laser. The screw hole pattern is arranged to match your laser. The central hole is threaded to
match the thread inserts (see below) from which beam pipe and other items can be attached.
A small amount of clearance in the screw holes will allow some sideways movement to centre the beam to
the bore. If your beam is accurately perpendicular to the laser end plate then the C-LM will suffice, however,
should you need to tilt the beam delivery over slightly to follow the beam then the adjustable version C-LMA
is recommended. This consists of two plates, the first being bolted to the laser and the second is adjusted for
tip and tilt using the three screws. A compressed O-ring sits between the plates to provide the ‘spring’ for the

Thread Inserts

These stainless steel thread inserts are used to couple together the various parts of the CO2MPACT range.
They have a M29 x 1mm thread and an inner diameter of 19mm. Slots at each end allow some leverage to
tighten against a stop and undo them again.