LAM25 Lateral Adjustment Unit

Introductionlateral adjustment unit

The lateral adjustment module, LAM25, provides a fine-adjustment mechanism for aligning
beam delivery equipment to a laser beam. LAM25 affixes to a rigidly mounted ‘OPG’ optical
pipe. Adjustment of the lateral movement is by four contra-opposed screws with perforated
heads allowing use of a tommy-bar (lever) for setting. Unlike the LAU25, the mechanism of the
LAM25 unit cannot tilt or move axially if the setting screws are loose. Hence it is perhaps more
suitable for use in providing lateral adjustment for FF25 or CFF25 focusing heads than the
LAU25 unit. (Section 72.1).
Technical specifications
Dimensions : See Figure 72.21
Construction : Aluminium HE30 body, black anodised; with detrin pressure
ring, ‘O’ ring and brass adjustment screws.
Lateral adjustment : +/- 3mm X and Y
Tilt : No
Rotation : Yes, unless adjustment screws are tightened.
Clear aperture : 28mm diameter

Associated equipment
Affix to OPG piping, rigidly clamped: Section 61.0.
Use to centre: FF25 focusing head: Section 63.1
CFF25 focusing head: Section 63.2.
Note: The LAM25 unit is not designed to be centred in conjunction with the LAX25 crosswire.
Instead, use the LTX25 crosswire

[M11 cell type] in the output end of the focusing head to be
centred. (Section 64.2.)

LAU 25 drawing