IX Series Beamexpanders

IntroductionIX beam expanders
The IX series of CO2 laser beamexpanders are of the Galilean type, using ZnSe lenses in a black
anodised aluminium housing. The ZnSe lenses are made from laser grade ZnSe, polished to a high
standard of surface smoothness, with ultra low absorption anti-reflection coatings. IX series
beamexpanders have a fixed focus, and are intended for use immediately prior to a focusing lens,
expanding the incident laser beam in order to reduce its divergence, thereby reducing the size of the
focused spot.
Standard models
Four magnifications are made as standard (Table 20.41.). Each unit is externally identical, and fits
directly into model WMA water cooling mount (Section 20.3). All models are aberration corrected
for diffraction-limited performance.
See Figure 20.42.
IX beamexpanders are usually used in model WMA mounts and in conjunction with a TF series (or
XF series) lens to give small spot sizes and high energy densities in ceramics scribing or anilox
processing applications. Their function is best described by a typical example of system improvement in
a ceramics scribing  application
Beam expander data

Initial system
CO2 laser with 12mm beam diameter and 2 milliradians divergence, focused with a 38mm focal
length meniscus lens. Result: spot size – 90μm.
Upgraded system
Focus the beam with IX150 (in model WMB mount) plus TF38 lens.
Result: spot size – 51μm.
Increase in energy density – x 3.11.