Beam Delivery System for sub 500w Lasers


As the name suggests, COMPACT beam delivery is intended for small CO2 lasers, in this case, up to 500W
power and with beams up to about 12mm diameter. From the laser output to the work piece, the beam
delivery consists of components that enable the beam to be handled with efficiency. The parts are easily
assembled with the aid of the thread inserts and the system can be firmly secured to a bench top with the
pipe supports.
In the following sections, each of the individual parts is described. Some require very little explanation, but
others require considerably more detail in order to explain the optical function and its use.

Example’ of an assembled system. From top left to bottom right, laser mount, attenuator, beamexpander,

pipe + pipe support, shutter, beam injector, corner mirror block, extender pipe, fine focusing unit,

centring cell, lens and nozzle assembly. Some short sections of beam pipe are between the various parts

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