HPP Series


IntroductionHPP Mount with protective window
These high pressure protected lenses are built for use in applications where backspatter is
unavoidable and the use of a disposable KCl protection window is desirable. The ‘HPP’ series
mounting cell is a modified version of the standard M11 cell, with the usual 1.5″ x 12TPI thread
fitting. A knurled retainer ring is used to clamp the KCl window in place, and to allow easy access
to the window for replacement. Changing the protection window does not affect the focusing lens
setting since the lens is ‘rear-loading’. Assist gas is allowed into the space between the KCl window
and the ZnSe lens so that the (high pressure) lens forms the gas-sealing element. The lenses are
designed for use at 10.6μm.

high pressure mount series
Technical specifications
Clear aperture : 25.4mm.
Lens material : Lasergrade ZnSe.
Coatings : Low absorption, anti-reflection, on the ZnSe.
Window material/size : KCl 28mm diameter x 3 thick, uncoated.
Sealing : By ‘Viton’ O ring.
Cell material : Aluminium HE30.
Finish : Black anodised.
Cell size : Modified M11 type.
Max gas pressure : 25 bar (assumes use of ‘HGP’ lens).
The KCl window is part number HPP/02 and the ‘O’ ring is type BS022.