HMBE Series – High Magnification

IntroductionHMBE Beam expanders

The HMBE series form a set of high magnification beamexpanders for use with CO2 waveguide
lasers, specifically the Laser Ecosse ‘CM’ models; the Edinburgh Instruments ‘LM’ series lasers, and
Coherent G50/G100 lasers.
The HMBE series are designed for laser users who can place the beam expanders reasonably close
to the laser output.
These beam expanders have a clear input diameter of 4.3mm and magnifications of x4.7, x5.6, x7.0
and x9.4.
Focus is by means of an actuated-slide mechanism, operating on the input lens.
Note:- A range of higher magnification models, with reduced input clear aperture, has been
Technical specifications
Dimensions : See Figure 67.11 / Table 67.12
Construction : Aluminium alloy, black anodised, with ZnSe lenses, AR/AR coated.
Focus range : See Table 67.13
Focus mechanism : Actuated slide (input lens).
Cooling : Air-cooled.
Fittings : Either: 25.0dia x 1.0 pitch male thread
Or: Std ULO Optics coupling ring (accessory).
Operation : Manual, by rotation of focus ring.
Max recommended power : 250W cw.
Input clear aperture : 4.3mm diameter
Output clear aperture : Dia ‘D’..see table 67.12

High Magnification beam expander

HMBE table

Focus DetailsHMBE-table-2
The input lens sub assembly contains a negative lens with
4.3mm clear aperture. It is this negative lens which is moved
axially during focusing, using an actuated ‘linear-slide’
mechanism which reduces beam-wander to a minimum.
The focus setting is engraved and factory calibrated to represent
the output wavefront curvature for a planewave input.
Focus range for each model is shown in table 67.13.

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