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ULO Optics is a one-stop source of CO2 Laser Optics, Beam Delivery Equipment and Mid-IR Optics for Thermal Imaging and Sensing, focusing on delivering cutting edge and tailored solutions to our customers. We are independently owned and dedicated to providing world class quality products and excellent customer service.

ULO Optics continues to design innovative new products for both standard and custom solutions. Products such as our range of pre-objective 2-axis galvo-scanner lenses have brought new levels of performance to the demanding scanner systems market.

Our optical and beam delivery engineers continue to be involved in a range of exciting R&D projects, both internally and in partnership with customers or academic institutions, which help to move the industry forward.

Quality Assured.

ULO Optics is an ISO certified company and quality is at the heart of everything we do.  With a host of industrial affiliations you can rely on ULO to deliver.