GNA Series Gas Nozzles

IntroductionGas Nozzles GNA
The GNA gas nozzle consists of a gas acceptance chamber which feeds assist gas to a conical nozzle
tip. The nozzle tip is contained in a mechanism with lateral and vertical (axial) adjustments. The
basic GNA unit accepts a range of nozzle tips to suit the TF series of lenses (Section 20.1). Adaptors
are used to allow the GNA unit to be suited to:
(1) Single element lenses of focal length > 2.5″.
(2) XF series lenses (Section 20.2).
Dimensions : See Figure 20.62.
Vertical focus range : 4mm total.
Lateral adjustment : ±2.5mm.
Gas inlet fitting : Metric, 8/6 size.
Max. gas pressure : 6 BAR.
Nozzle tip hole : 1.5mm (unless otherwise specified).
Associated equipment
The GNA series nozzles are a direct fit to the following:
FF25 fine focus unit Section 63.0
WMA mount Section 20.3
ZX10 zoom beamreducer Section 20.5
A WMA unit is required to interface the GNA series nozzles to the CFF25 coarse/fine focusing head.


Nozzle tip detailsgas-nozzles-gna-table
Unless otherwise specified by the end-user,
the nozzle tip parameters are as shown in
Figure 20.63. The standard nozzle tip material
is brass, although copper tip(s) will be
supplied if requested. The long, even conical
section assists even gas flow.







gas nozzles gna

gas nozzle diagram