Fiber Laser Collimators


The FT-CL Collimator is part of the ULO Optics FIBER Tools 1μm beam delivery range. As standard, the collimator is sold with the QBH Fiber connector, and others are available on request. They come in two apertures, 25mm and 50mm, each with a range of focal lengths. They have been designed to withstand up to 6kW of continuous wave (CW) power. The doublet lens is made of fused silica coated with an AR/AR coating for 1.07μm.

Technical Specifications
Aperture: 25mm or 50mm diameter
Power rating: up to 6kW
Cooling: Water-cooled, 1511 6-4 M6 Connector
Mechanics: Aluminium Alloy, Black Anodised.
Fitting: 25mm aperture – M30x0.75, male, output
50mm aperture – M65x0.75, male, output
Fiber Connector: Directly compatible with QBH and QD
Optics: Fused Silica
Coating: AR/AR for 1.07μm

25mm aperture, FT-CL-25D

50mm aperture, FT-CL-50D-

Each collimator comes with two tools for adjusting the focus; one for loosening the outer clamp ring and the second for positioning the lenses in the barrel. On the 25mm aperture collimators, first undo the grub screw holding the cap in place and unscrew the cap (see diagram below). This allows access to the adjustments. Undo the outer clamp ring a few turns with the larger diameter tool. Then adjust the lens position in or out with the smaller tool. Retighten the outer clamp ring again and replace the cap.

For the 50mm aperture collimators the procedure is the same except you do not need to remove any cap to expose the adjustments.