External Shutter Units

Shutter Units from ULO Optics can be used to externally switch the beam on and off by directing it into an internally mounted beam dump. A mirror is actuated by a rotary solenoid, the shutter position being denoted by an indicator lamp. Power is supplied and the shutter triggered via a 9-pin ‘D’ type connector.  An optional power control unit for the CO2mpact Shutter Unit is available upon request. Alternatively information on the internal circuit used can be provided so customers can source their own power unit.

  • Indictator lamp for shutter status
  • 9-pin ‘D’ type connector
  • Water-cooled beam dump


Part NumberHeightWidthLengthClear Aperture
C-SU100 mm90 mm100 mm19 mm
LSC01Power control unit

Quality Assured.

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Diversification into 1 micron optics

ULO Collaborate on the LaserSnake2 project, developing laser cutting optics for safe, remote cutting in air and in water, focused on nuclear decommissioning.