ZnSe Lenses – Cylindrical Lenses

ZnSe cylindrical lensesCylindrical lenses
ZnSe lenses with one cylindrical surface may be made in either circular or rectangular shapes, and
of plano-convex or plano-concave form.
Due to the difficulties which occur in testing cylindrical surfaces, these components are made to an
accuracy of one-quarter wavelength at 10.6μm.
Raw material properties
Only lasergrade ZnSe is used in the fabrication of ULO Optics cylindrical lenses. See section M1.0
for detailed optical and mechanical properties of ZnSe.
ULO Optics offer a standard range of cylindrical lenses for which details are given below. Customoptics
can be made to order with delivery schedules of 3-4 weeks for lenses utilizing existing cylindrical
Standard sizes include 25.0mm, 28.0mm and 38mm diameters.
Custom cylindrical optics can be made up to 100mm in size.
Dimensional tolerances conform to the general tolerances and specifications for ZnSe lenses
detailed in technical data section 4.0. Optical tolerances are λ/4 (10.6μm) on the cylindrical surface
and L/20 (10.6um) over any 25mm diameter test area on the flat surface.

All cylindrical lenses are treated with low-absorption anti-reflection coatings for a wavelength of
Design Service
Cylindrical lenses are often used as one element in a ‘line-focus’ system for CO2 lasers. ULO Optics
offer to design complete lens assemblies for line-focus (or similar) applications.
Note that:
1) 28mm diameter cylindrical lenses may be mounted in M11 cells and used directly fitted into SBE
beamexpanders. See section (67.2).
2) 38mm diameter cylindrical lenses may be mounted in M15 cells and used directly fitted into MBE
beamexpanders. See section (67.7).

Cylindrical lens data

The edge thickness of a cylindrical lens varies around the lens periphery. In the case of the positive
lenses above, we refer to the minimum ET around the periphery, and for the negative lenses we refer
to the point(s) of maximum thickness.